Apr 22, 2011


My lovelies...I have just added some new prints to the Lona de Anna Etsy Store which I worked on over the weekend..what do you think?

These prints are also included in the Introductory sale of all A4 Graphic prints selling for $10 plus postage until the end of April....a bargain too good to miss I say ; )

Time Doesn't Wait Print ( also available in A3)

Hope Print - A4

images : Lona de Anna


  1. one more time (with feeling!) ... blogger comment forms are really messed up lately (at least for me on Chrome!).

    I was saying that:

    i like what you've done with these. very cool, truly. i also like that you have HOPE right after espera (wait), b/c en espanol, hope is espero ... a nice multilingual play on words!!

    ciao, anna!!

  2. Love them. You've got a nice variety in your shop. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  3. Yes great variety indeed! I'm really loving the "Primavera" in watercolour...like the blend of all those colours. Hope you are having a lovely Easter Anna! x anastasia

  4. Wow... you have been busy my lovely! Congratulations on your store, I love love love your prints. :) Megan xx


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