Apr 10, 2011


My lovelies..sorry I have been missing in action over the last few days.. but I have a VERY good excuse!

I will soon be launching my new range of Lona de Anna prints, these prints will be a mix of graphic designs and also prints of my original watercolour paintings....hence the reason why I have been off air for the last few days as I have been up till very late most nights...getting creative...and getting the ball rolling.

These prints will be available to purchase at my Lona de Anna Etsy store opening soon!
but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at some of the prints that will be available

True Blue Ikat Oz Print

If you look closely the Ikat print has been cleverly inspired and designed by using the map of Australia in different image sizes and colours to create a very unique original and truly Australian print.
You can't get more True Blue than that my lovelies!

This print will be available in an 

A4 size - At an Introductory price of $10 plus postage ( until end of April)
A3 size - At an Introductory price of $29 plus postage ( until end of April)

This print is available with the option of 
with or without the True Blue font

You will also have the choice of choosing from 4 different colour schemes 
hanging them whichever way you like

Colour Option 1

 Colour Option 2

Colour Option3

A second Ikat Oz Print II also available

 Still a bit of tweaking to do but I hope to have these prints along with my other designs available  to purchase online by the end of the week. 

However If you are interested in purchasing any of these designs pictured above NOW 
Just send me an email to lonadeanna@gmail.com with your enquiries or requests and I will reply asap.

Stay tuned my lovelies..lots more to come!

Images: Lona de Anna
Please do not copyright or use these images 
without permission


  1. Your new prints are very clever Anna, you've done well! Good luck with your new venture, it's very exciting. xx

  2. They look fantastic Anna. Such a clever design and the colour ways are lovely. Can't wait to peruse your easy store.

    Sandy K

  3. Gorgeous prints Anna! And I love all the different colours! Will definitely be purchasing some of your beautiful art work... x anastasia at decor is like butter

  4. Anna, you are so clever, I love how you created them. Mimi xx

  5. Best wishes for the Etsy store, how exciting! ;-)

  6. Gorgeous Anna! Very clever! Love the colours xx

  7. You clever cookie - what an exciting venture - your prints look great!

  8. I meant to say Etsy store, but unfortunately my iPad corrected it to easy. Got to watch that in future!

    Sandy K

  9. yayee, welcome to Etsy!! Hope you do well, my sweet!!!

  10. Very Clever Anna. Goodluck with the new store.

  11. These are great Anna!!! I love how used the Australian continent as your inspiration. I wanted to know if you can do custom color combos? And let me know when all the other designs go up on Etsy :)

  12. Anna youre so clever, good luck with this new creative branch to your business, Im sure you will a huge artistic success!!!

  13. oh you clever thing. they're gorgeous! A-M xx

  14. ooooh gorgeous girl...i feel like i already have my finger in the pie with your two loved prints at my house....

    this one is totally brilliant...

    can't wait to see your etsy store up and running...

    melissa xx

    p.s- tell j to keep his eye out for postman pat in the next week or two- depending on how the British Post snail mail is going!! xx

  15. Oh Anna, I love them...so clever! I love the Australian theme, it reminds me of batik work too....beautiful colours! Will defo be getting one for my wall! Love to you gorgeous girl xxx

  16. How exciting Anna, your prints are fantastic and I love all of the colour combinations! xo

  17. BIG congratulations Anna! This is exciting news and your prints are lovely. I like the way you have incorporated Australia - how clever.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments the other day about our potential move to England. I think we have an idea now of what we'll do. So lovely to have your support. xx

  18. Bravo, Sweetie! Good for you. I am so impressed that you've had the courage to 'put yourself out there'. How fabulous and so reasonably priced as well. Best of British! J x

  19. Fantastic, Anna - all the best for your business launch..love the map of Oz idea btw xx

  20. How great Anna! I hope it goes brilliantly for you! x

  21. Hi Anna, I have awarded you with the 'One Lovely Blog Award'... So if you would like to take part feel free to drop by ... http://decorislikebutter.blogspot.com/ x anastasia

  22. Very clever! Good luck!


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