Apr 5, 2011


I know I have shared these images before...but I am seriously suffering from
" I cant get enough of this image syndrom"...Do I need help?
 Ahhhhh....Just the right mix of warm soft earthy tones and textures...
isn't it just divine?

I adore the little pops of greenery throughout the room....I have been trying to incorporate this idea in my own home..starting today with putting together a little group of succulents in a little white pot...and it looks ever so pretty.

Has anyone ever tried making their own terrarium?

Aren't these examples super gorgeous

images from: Tom Bradford, Home Decor, Simply 4, Ecosalon


  1. I love the succulents [perhaps sans snails] the most, and 'yes!' that room is delish!
    x F

  2. I love the look of terraniums too and have it on my wish list to attempt to do one ... one day!

  3. I love the room, it looks so chilled out! great idea with green plants, will try this :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I remember creating a terrarium at primary school! It lasted quite a few years. I have a thing for pear shapes, even my body shape reflects my love of pears!

    Sandy K


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