Apr 27, 2011


An Interior Designer who's work I have always admired is Tom Filicia...I fell inlove with him way back when he starred in "Queer eye for the Straight Guy"....apart from being extremely talented when it comes to Interior Design...he is just a such a cool guy...so down to earth...with a great spirit and sense of humour.

But it wasn't until Tom went solo and started a few little ventures of his own that my admiration for his work...grew tenfold!

This was one of the reasons why....

Tom's 1930's  three bedroom Bungalow Waterfront House
 which Tom shares with his partner Greg Calejo, Paco his beagle, and Foxy a border collie rescue...this home has been a retreat and entertaining hub for the busy Filicia for over five years...and you can certainly see why....oh..and did I mention that it also comes with a  two Bedroom Guesthouse?....Perfect!

Can you seriously imagine anything more perfect than spending a beautiful weekend away here with the one that truly makes your heart go flip flop?

Nop...me neither ; )


  1. I'm with you Anna and am a fan of Tom & his work.
    It's refreshing to see a designer who has the capacity to create a home that's not only brimful of style but also warmth and would actually be a delight to live in.

    Thank you for sharing,

    xx F

  2. It's Rustic Fantastic!
    I love absolutely everything about it, except for the ubiquitous cringe~worthy animal heads... but the rest is pure holiday retreat perfection. Especially that little deck.
    Hmmm, could spend an evening or two there with the one I love quite happily!

  3. Oh my Anna, these pics are truly stunning and just make my heart melt...love them all! That "bar" cabinet...wow am in love! Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Hope you are having a great day :))

  4. How gorgeous! My favourite part is his bar with that oversized table lamp. xo

  5. I love that deck. What a fabulous place to hang out and relax:)

  6. Stunning - love the light fittings! Thanks for sharing x

  7. TOTAL L.O.V.E from me for each pickie here Anna.....


    melissa xxx

    p.s- can you email me your address number again hon- your parcel has made a return trip back to ol'blighty and i really want to pop it back in the post lickety split for you and your beautiful J xxx

  8. OMG Anna, I can't believe we did that :) And yours happens to be one of my favorites!!!! I actually sketched the 4th picture down with the deer and the beams for a class last quarter. So beautiful!!!

  9. Miss Anna, this lakehouse is amazing! I can see myself sitting out on that deck enjoying a glass of wine with friends, lots of candles, fire on...wow! Miss Walker xoxo

  10. I love this hut so much i could die. I love the outdoor area, the little kitchen, the stairs, the lanterns, the bottles, the everything! Thanks for sharing! xxx-your newest follower!


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