Apr 5, 2011


I had to share this gorgeous little gem of a find I came across on Ebay.

This gorgeous Wheat Sheaf Table !!

 Yes, my lovelies....very Elle Decor indeed!

You may have seen one similar to this little gem in Lonny Magazine

Here is one featured on Rambling Renovators

And even our adorable Eddie Ross has spotted a pair.

Now..if the seller was actually offering International postage you would be sure that I would be watching this little beauty like a hawk ready to make it mine!

Could someone in the US please put me out of my misery and buy this gorgeous creature!

This isn't an image of the actual one up for auction...sorry..for some reason I cannot save the image?...but I can tell you it is just as gorgeous !

 click here to view the actual item currently for auction on Ebay.

Phew..now I feel a bit relieved ; )


  1. I've just had a peek - what a steal - one of your US peeps MUST buy this!

  2. That's a little bit of gorgeous isn't it!

  3. Ha - it is certainly gorgeous and unique. It's such a killer when you find something you love that is out of reach by the prohibitive cost of postage, or that postage is not an option. Great find though!

  4. It is tough sometimes being "down unda" and not being able to bag such bargains. BTW, I think that Chanel was a fan of wheat sheafs so this is top style pedigree indeed!

  5. This is so pretty!

    Take a look at my blog I'm having a giveaway :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. lol..Jen...My guy said a big...THANK GOD they dont ship overseas..lol too funny!


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