Mar 7, 2011


Ok so my dear friends wedding is this weekend..and think I have settled on a frock?   This Peter Morrissey midnight blue one-shouldered satin frock..which I already own...what do you think?

Forget that the model looks like she needs a blood transfusion and a burger..
I really love the colour and cut of this dress.

But what style of shoe and accessories to team it up with? 
Really need your help here on this one my lovelies!

I would love an excuse to wear my new Marc Jacobs horse shoe bracelet 
and Twist lock ring...
But Im still a little unsure of the shoes and something dazzling for my ears?

I know that pearls would team up very well with this kind of outfit..but I'm kind of wanting to go for something a little more fun!

I quite like these...has a Vintage 60's vibe to it which I love....
 What do you think so far?


  1. Tick to wearing your new Marc Jacobs.
    Tick for the earrings shared.
    Biggest of ticks for the dress = stunning!

    You have impeccable taste - go with your instincts.

    x Felicity

  2. Hey Anna, So with that dress I would pair it with either really tall black platform pumps if it is an evening wedding... the gold marc jacobs definitely works with it. If it is a more late afternoon leading into early evening I'd say pair it with a metallic strappy heel and then maybe the pearls.
    Also if you happen to have some really great green heels, you could channel a very Prada look! Really big on the color block right now here in the states, not sure whats going on down under :)

  3. I love it all! I'm sure you'll look fab m'love xxx

  4. Great dress, excellent time to pull out the cuff as well... Have been meaning to comment and say sorry for your loss last week. Hopefully the wedding will have you feeling a bit better, at least temporarily.

  5. Wear it all, you will look and feel beautiful.

  6. I'd say if you want the dress to be the statement don a pair of black strappy sandles and black drop earrings. If its a bit more formal gold heels and your gold bling would look stunning too. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous whatever you put together x

  7. Stunning dress - you are going to be a real hottie in that one. Love the jewellery and those earrings would be perfect!! I'm not too good in the shoe department either - something strappy and high I'd say.

  8. Love what you've picked. Black strappy shoes would look great.

    Lisa x

  9. I think the bracelet will look fab with the blue and because the dress has detail around the neck earrings are better than a necklace, great choice!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I would waer pale gold strappy sandals with a high heel.

  11. I think dark blue and white are such a stunning pair. That dress is gorgeous!

  12. Everything is so beautiful!! You will look great! xx

  13. Oohh smokin dress! ring and cuff...check! Shoes....may I suggest either a nude pump to elongate the legs and keep the focus up top or to go the colour blocking option as per Matthew's comment.
    Earrings....well I think your outfit has a 'hard glam' edge to it with the Marc so I would follow through with a 'graphic' shape earring in the gold as well. Have fun! xx

  14. Love it all, esp the earrings, they are so my style. The dress is gorgeous, you will have to post pics after the wedding, we want to see the yummy mummy Anna :)


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