Mar 2, 2011


Its so strange this world of blogging....sometimes the reasons you started a blog in the first place..turn out to be completely different from what you originally intended.

 I recently wrote to a blogger friend..sharing my thoughts about how I feel when I post and publish something...on a more personal level..

And this was my analogy -

"As vulnerable as I may feel at the time after I have hit that publish button... somehow it just makes me feel better once I have released my thoughts out there into the if they were tiny delicate feathers floating into the air...not knowing where they are going to land or how they will be handled if caught...but if they happen to land in a hand that sees the beauty in that tiny delicate feather...then you know you have reached someone". 

I want you all to know that yesterday...when I shared my news....hundreds of feathers were released in the air...and not a single one...had an unsafe landing.

I am so very thankful that those tiny feathers of thoughts reached you and that there were so many hands of love and compassion ready to catch them. I am grateful that they reached your kind words of love and support reached me.

I want for you all to know that I am doing ok...the blow has softened.
My relationship with my father was not a close one and so there are mixed emotions with his passing.
I think my tears and heartache come more from missing my Mother so much more now than ever.


From the bottom of my heart...Thank you to everyone for your loving comments, emails and posts it has truly been such a comfort.

Much Love 
Anna x


  1. cheers, Anna. beautifully said. you have a way with words.

  2. Anna... you write so beautifully! I'm saving this post because it is just so well said.

  3. Yesterday's post truly resonated with me Anna.
    I found myself recalling it many times through the day, from your sentiments so eloquently expressed to the beautiful Gabriel Yard piece which was truly evocative.

    Unlike you, I couldn't find the 'right' words to express my condolences but know that I did catch your soft feather {I found it on the beach yesterday morning] and it's sitting safely beside me now.

    Felicity x

  4. So eloquently said. Thinking of you sweetpea. K xxx

  5. Anna, I am so so sorry... I lost my father 11 years ago; and I lost my sister the last year to a cancer too .I start the blog thing because of her sickness. To take care of her I stoped working - I am a lawyer - and became a blogger.
    I know that your heart is full of pain, but you will feel bether with the time, as you know.
    I like you and I want to see you ok. I am here for you, ok? Kisses and hugs from the botton of my heart. Marina

  6. Oh the feather analogy brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful! So pleased that you received tender comfort from our words. A-M xx

  7. You are on my mind again today, Anna. So glad you're finding some comfort in words from friends. You truly are a very selfless, giving girl and I know you will draw strength from your beautiful family and the memory of your mum. You are loved.

  8. Oh, Honey. I can't believe the strength and composure you're showing even to think about writing this, let alone doing it, in the midst of everything. Such an eloquent and affecting post. Sending you all my love from windy Hobart J x

  9. Take care of your tender heart Anna. Big hugs from Hobart .
    xx Lyn

  10. Oh I am so sorry I missed your post yesterday .. but I am more sorry for your huge loss. I hope your heart is doing OK today and that you have friends and other family around to help you through this. Such a horrible time. I am so sorry. Take care.

  11. Just thought I'd stop by and see how you're doing. I can't stop thinking about you. This is such a lovely post- you really do have a way with words. Sending love. xoxo e

  12. Anna, big hugs to you. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Love, Emma.


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