Mar 13, 2011


Well ...what can I say? another beautiful wedding to add to the list of many.
One could not have asked for a more perfect day....beautiful weather, stunning bride, lovely ceremony, amazing reception, great company, breath taking views and divine food... could it get any better....aha...a perfect ending with spectacular fireworks!.. Sigh : )

It was such a beautiful day...and I was so grateful to be a part of it.
Mr White and I shared a nice moment whilst sitting in the church..reminiscing about our own wedding day.. in the exact same church...and the nerves and excitement we both felt.

Some images of the day below....and my apologies to those who were asking for  shots of me all glammed up in my frock...can I tell you that I was lucky that Mr White snuck in a shot...and I mean one I was completely hopeless with the camera that night as I was having way too much hopeless that I didn't even get a shot with the bride and groom : (

images : Own


  1. Thank you for sharing Anna.

    The bride looked stunning, absolutely love her gown and what a spectacular setting for the reception.

    So glad that we got see you in all of your gorgeousness too, you totally rocked the blue dress!

    xx Felicity

  2. Beautiful wedding and you look gorgeous.

    Lisa x

  3. It looks so nice. I especially love the colour of those bridesmaids dresses..and the very pretty. The bride looked amazing.


  5. Thank you for the pics, the bride and groom look gorgeous and so do you. A beautiful church to be married in. Mimi xx

  6. Thanks Anna, These are the first pics I have seen and I love them. It was a wonderful day/night and I am glad you were there to share it with Evana's mum.

  7. Beautiful- both the bride & You (Rocking the Python clutch) did you wear the braclet? XX Samantha

  8. Thank you really was a wonderful day!

    Sandra - Thank you for having us share such a special day with you and your family. x

    Samantha - Aha..sure did..LOVED wearing my Marc Jacobs ring and horse shoe bracelet..felt special :)

  9. Looks simply beautiful . I hope you enjoyed this special day.
    Donna xx

  10. Oh how lovely is the bride! Hope you had a great day ;)

  11. What a stunning bride and handsome groom. Gorgeous couple, and you Anna looked radiant and very beautiful. You're one of those girls that could work a paper bag. Blessed!
    I love a wedding. Haven't been to one in far too long. x

  12. you look GORGEOUS....and can you nab that girls beautiful shoes to the right of you...i think they'd look heavenly with your dress...!

    melissa xx

  13. What a lovely day - and don't you look beautiful!!


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