Mar 20, 2011


Some cosy little hide away on a cold Autumn day
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images: Livet Hemma


  1. Gorgeous rooms, perfect inspiration for a chilly autumn day! xo

  2. Am loving the random loveliness, especially the sheepskin throws.
    I was very spoilt for my birthday this year with a replica Eames rocker and sheepskin throw from my brother.

    Before she saw it my mother thought it was hilarious that I was to get a rocking chair for my birthday - I think she's changed her mind now!
    Random loveliness will do that to you.

    xx Felicity

  3. Such lovely pictures! No 1 just seems like the perfect reading spot - so inviting. Also loving the round coffee table in no 3, and that zig zag rug - so trendy right now.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    x Charlotta

  4. So pretty- a perfect start to my day!!

  5. Yes I could definately hide away in any of those rooms. Happy Monday! Mimi xx

  6. Lovely. Can someone send me that cupboard filled with all those beautiful goodies please?
    ave a great week Anna :)

  7. Yes, I agree the nooks are gorgeous and I could happily sprawl in one of those comfy spots and laze the day away! xx

  8. Love these images Anna...gorgeous!


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