Mar 22, 2011


There is a little nook in my office now that makes my heart go flip flop each time I look at it...and it is little space here

 Mainly because of this gorgeous little creation here

An ever so beautiful  Sea Coral watercolour painting done by one of my dear blogging friends Kerri from Driftwood Interiors

Isnt it just something!

Because I couldn't decide on which one I wanted at the time 
( you will understand when you visit Kerri's Etsy store
I left it upto Mr White to choose..and he really loved this one in particular.

Not completely happy with the looking for a soft gold frame..but this will have to do for now as I was just too excited to show it off.

I feel so honoured to now own one of Kerri's gorgeous little creations and wanted to place it somewhere where I could appreciate it every day..and what better place than where I blog from for endless hours at times.

Kerri is such a talented talented infact that a few of her paintings were recently featured in the latest edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine..


Thank you Kerri...I'm so proud of you.
I now have a special little piece of you in my you are to me.


  1. I love Kerri's artwork. I can't decide on which one I like best. It's all lovely. Mr. White cholse well.

    Lisa x

  2. Your husband chose well - that's my favourite too. It looks fab with all your belongings - you've a great study! x

  3. I'm so proud of Kerri too! And I have one of Kerri's prints in my home too. The Sea Coral III in denim and I love it! Your little blogging nook looks lovely Anna!

  4. Kerri is so talented! Mimi xx

  5. Anna, this is gorgeous! Thanks for your beautiful comments over at my blog! Miss Walker xoxo

  6. Love the artwork.
    Pretty nice piece.:)
    Lovely greetings...

  7. It is a beautiful piece!
    I will have to check out her site. thanks for introducing her to us!

  8. Oh thanks sweet, aren't you lovely? The best part of this whole journey has been meeting gorgeous friends like you :) Can't thank you enough for your support and friendship, it means the world to me. Much love, Kerri xx

  9. Kerri's artwork is gorgeous! What a beautiful piece you have, it looks lovely xo

  10. Ooh, Anna! What a gorgeous juxtaposition there. That work of Kerri's is on my wishlist, too. But I just love the hues of blue. Did you cover the little drawers yourself? Pure prettiness. J x

  11. Jane - Thank you...No lovely no DIY job there...those drawers are actually hand painted ceramic drawers...I bought it a while back now from Bay Swiss...its stores all my paper clips, business cards etc..its very handy as well as pretty..thats for sure :)


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