Feb 4, 2011


My lovelies....just want to wish you all a wonderful weekend...and share a special wish for a wonderful friend of mine Evana who is getting married very soon..and who's Hens Night we will be celebrating this weekend.

And so...my lovelies...a wish I wish not only for my dear friend..but for each and every one of you

WISHES . . .

If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true;
I would wish for happiness,
And a long full life for you.
I would wish for laughter,
And fill your life with song;
Then ask for peace and joy and love,
To follow you all day long.

Then I would ask for peaceful rest,
To visit you at night;
And that your every morning,
Dawn shimmering and bright.
I would ask for nothing,
To give back to myself;
As long as you are happy,
I want for nothing else.

For just to see contentment,
On your face and know you're fine;
Would truly satisfy me,
And bring joy to this heart of mine.
If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true;
I'd wish for the sun, moon and stars,
And I'd give them all to you.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


  1. Awww so lovely. I hope you have a beautiful weekend celebrating with your friend. xx

  2. hey :) just letting u know i LOVE the music u have on ur blog; i ended up downloading almost every single one!!
    and i also LOVE ur taste in furniture!! i haven't blogged about furniture yet (i blog about everything i want), but i'm still collecting pictures i like so i can do a piece on specific pieces.. but yeah, i appreciate ur taste ;)

  3. That's such a lovely piece - you always find the loveliest quotes and words Anna. Enjoy the hen's! x

  4. Hope you have a lovely weekend out and about!

  5. I love weddings, how much fun!! Wishing you all a gorgeous event, love Posie

  6. Just gorgeous, Anna. You're such an inspirational girl. Thanks for sharing. J x

  7. Oh Anna, you have no idea how much I needed to read that today. God bless honey and best wishes for your darling friend x


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