Feb 18, 2011


 This weekend I plan to bring out the watercolour paints again and try my hand at creating my own version of a beautiful stallion ..well its head actually.
As you know I have been gravitating towards anything to do with horses as of late...in fact today I purchased a beautiful sculpture of a horses head...it had my name written all over it ...suddenly my foot starting scrapping the ground involuntarily...like horses do when they are impatient...and a voice in my head said giddy up on over to that register little filly!

Of course I will reveal some pics when all the other bits and bobs are in place.

Anyway.. back to the watercolor painting....well...seeing as I'm just an amateur at it...and a wanna be artist/everything else.. but Im going to have a crack at it...and if I think its worthy of your praise ( even though I know that you would all be so lovely as to give it to me anyway) I will most certainly share the finished product.

And so whilst doing a little research tonight on ..."how the hell do I draw a horses head" I came across this amazing tutorial by Gabriel Balazs a so very talented artist / everything else...and I mean everything else because this guy not only is an Artist, but he is a musician,singer,Photographer,Elvisimpersonator/performer
and I think a little bit of ladies man ; )  but hey...if your gonna play Elvis...you gonna have to be right?

A Beautiful tutorial to watch..he makes it look so easy...which is enough to fool me into into believing I can actually pull this watercolour painting off...fingers crossed!!

Click here to view the tutorial....worth watching just for the sheer beauty of it !

  image via: My Vision

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