Feb 25, 2011

Random Question

For those who have a gmail account...
When you reply to an email through Gmail...by clicking the reply button directly underneath...only to realise.. that when you check in your sent box...the return email address of that recipient looked like this...


Would it be safe to assume that the email never got there and is floating through cyberspace now?

 Am totally baffled? Help!


  1. I've got gmail but I haven't come across that before, sorry hun :(

  2. Hi Anna. I'm pretty sure it's a blogger thing and individual bloggers have to set something or other to let you reply to them. You can't do anything about it unless they do and it's not a gmail problem, as far as I know.

  3. Thanks Kerry...so can I assume that the email..didnt get to who it was intended for? x

  4. I noticed the same thing the other day. Yes it's a blogger thing, no I don't think they are getting our replies :( Must not have their email addresses in their blogger profiles (my guess). BOO!


    I guess you could test it by trying to reply to this comment! It should work if my theory is correct.

  5. Mary..I think you are onto something there..and if that is the case how very sad that I have been replying to my followers and they never receive my emails..which makes me feel sad because I like to take the time and make the time to respond when I can.

    Mine gets even weirder..because it says Diana and all this time I kept thinking who the heck is Diana...lol..too funny!

  6. You're correct, Anna. Those emails never were sent to their intended recipients. At the moment, it's Georgie - the Blogger admin name seems to change over time.

    It's because the blogger hasn't linked their email account to their Blogger profile. I'm going to do a tutorial on how to do that soon. In fat I might even do it now!

    J x

  7. I don't know... i have a gmail acct, but hardly use it. I use my hotmail acct.
    How frustrating for you!
    dianna- hahahaha!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. I have no idea, but have wondered too!!! Emma. xx

  9. Hi Anna,
    Jane is right - you have to change the setting in your profile to allow people to reply to your e-mails. I notice that she is doing a tutorial. Amy at The Idea Room also posted a tutorial a while ago - here is a link http://www.theidearoom.net/2010/08/linking-e-mail-to-comments-in-blogger.html
    When I reply to e-mails now, before I start I right click on the persons name I am sending to and check the properties - if it's 'noreply' then they're not going to get it.

  10. Samantha...thank you...it makes perfect sense.
    Mine is set up so that ppl can reply...but I guess I cant control what others decide to do with their blog...perhaps some prefer to keep their email private?
    Either way..its good to know now..but sad that it only took me lord knows how long to bother to figure it out.lol
    Thanks so much for your help.
    And thank you ladies! Jane...look forward to reading your tutorial.so nice of you to put one out there x

  11. OMG... I had NO IDEA that people weren't getting my replies!!! hahaha I'm such a dork! I would feel bad, but those people obviously don't get email replies from anyone else either!

  12. I have wondered the same thing anna, thanks for posting and clearing it up. I also have trouble replying to peoples comments - I seem to have something preventing me from doing that but not sure what..
    Laura xx.

  13. Hi Anna, in Blogger the blog author has to go into "edit user profile" and check the box next to "show my email adress" in order for people to reply to their comments via email. I think most people are just not aware they need to do this. Gail at "My Repurposed Life" has a good post about this sort of thing here: http://myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com/search/label/blog%20tips

    Lisa x

  14. Hi Anna I come across this too and if it comes up 'no reply' I just go to their profile or blog and copy their email adddress from there and then paste that into the email and send that way. What a shame all those emails you've sent but haven't reached the person M x


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