Feb 27, 2011

Ok...so we know that Autumn is just around the corner ...but as much as I am looking forward to cosying up the place by introducing warmer tones and textures ...

I just don't think I'm quite ready to let go of Summer...

Especially not after seeing this super gorgeous little Summer lakeside cottage which belongs to stylist Jenn Cranston.

Jenn was able to keep costs down by purchasing some key pieces at Ikea and others from inexpensive vintage shops. 

Objects from nature ..like sculptural branches, driftwood, palm fronds, and even bowls of fresh fruits are such an easy way to add a beachy vibe at little or no cost.
She also added a few special pieces like the Mexican textiles made into cushions, a vintage lamp, and favorite pottery to really make the tranquil space sing.

Would you believe that she created the headboard for the master bed from a bamboo screen...purchased at Ikea...yup..thats right!

 This rattan lamp shade...again..an Ikea purchase!

 A little cramped but so long as its well equipped with all
the little necessities..like alcohol and ice... thats all you need right? ; )

Ubber Ubber gorgeous.

 Images via: home decorating ideas for all


  1. Oh, Anna, you're a teaser. Still lamenting our lack of IKEA in Hobart after having Rhodes down the road in Sydney...J x

  2. It's really possible to do the best with simple things! Great post! XX

  3. ikea and some imagination are a wonderful thing!

    i was soo confused when you were talking about autumn coming... then i realized you were writing from another hemisphere... and a much sunnier one at that!

  4. If I had the focus to go all white I would, but I just love color too much! This definitely makes me want to hang on to summer ;)

    xx Cristina

  5. such beautiful images. We are coming into spring and I could not be anymore excited!

  6. Marina - I have missed you lovely! Beijos Beijos xxx

    Christina - Agreed...I am a lover of white...but always love to add a pop of colour in there somewhere..thanks so much for swinging by x

  7. Oh, this is really lovely! And I like the shared sleeping quarters..clearly a family holiday stay :) How is it that someone can pull together something so stunning, yet inexpensive. I need a stylist..and some cash.

  8. The house looks great painted in white.

    Bee happy x

  9. Love these rooms. So bright and airy. I want spring to have sprung already. These rooms make me long for warm, sunny weather.


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