Feb 28, 2011


My Lovelies....there is a lovely new blogger on the block that I thought I should introduce you to...her name is Claudia Lane and she is the blog author of a fabulous blog called Wish You Were Here .

Claudia is a stylist, interior and colour consultant, decorator, art and food lover, wife, mother of three and the owner of CALinteriors, a small interior design business located in Sydney, Australia..she also create artwork on canvas and a variety of cards.  She's sounds ridiculously cool right!

Claudia has featured a great post today on " White walls are Cool" some serious eye candy happening peeps...worth a squizz!
It would be ever so nice if you could please pop on over and give Claudia the warm welcome that you so kindly gave me when I joined the world of blogging....I know that she would be super chuffed to meet more lovely fellow bloggers .

Thank you lovelies!

Hope your week has got off to a good start...and what's with this weather?


  1. Hi Anna - thanks I will check out your recommendation.
    Sonia x

  2. thanks of sharing ...had a sneak peek love it and now following ..Thank you:) xx

  3. Thanks for the intro!! Off to see more:)

  4. Thanks for the tip, Anna - I'm now following Claudia. J x

  5. Ooh thanks Anna, off to check out Claudia's blog. I know, how crazy is this weather - first day of autumn and it's 36 degrees!

  6. Dear Anna, I'm in shock...! I'm so surprised to see myself here...I'm so speechless you have no idea...I thank you so so much you are just gorgeous, I owe you one, big time, just ask...:)))))))))))))))))
    Hope you have a truly wonderful day because seriously you've just made mine :))

  7. Your so very welcome Claudia...you have way to much talent to keep it hidden ..I just had to share :) x

  8. Just checked it and so glad I did! Love it, thanks for the intro! Thanks also for your fab blog! Miss Walker xoxo

  9. I'll have a look now thanks :)

    Bee happy x


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