Feb 22, 2011

An Interesting Character..and talented Designer Philip Starke

I watched a program called ART21 on the flick this afternoon..which covered a story on Design and Architecture.... it left me intrigued after watching a particular  interview given by Designer Philippe Starck ...for those who may not be familiar with the name...he is the creative and genius talent behind this....
‘Louis ghost’ chair for Kartell, 2004
and so much more.....which you can view here

And so I decided to do a little research on Mr Starck himself...one must feed a curious mind.. No?
( don't you just love knowing more about someone who you admire or find inspiring..where they came from? how they got to where they are? etc)

And so a little about the man himself...

Philippe was born in Paris in 1949. Inspired by his father who worked as an aircraft designer Starck spent his childhood under his father's drawing boards,
sawing, cutting, gluing, and sanding, dismantling bikes, motorcycles and other objects.
From the mid-sixties, Starck attended the Ecole Nissim de Camondo
in Paris, and he set up his first company in 1968 to produce inflatable objects.
In the 1970s he fitted out the Paris night-clubs la main bleue (1976) and Les Bains-douches (1978).
French president Francois Mitterrand assigned him to decorate a suite in the Elysée Palace in Paris in 1982.
Since then he has reached a phenomenal international reputation in hotel interiors, furniture design and domestic products. 
In 1984 he designed the interior of the café costes in Paris, along with those of other establishments, such as the Manin in Tokyo (1985) and teatriz in Madrid (1990).
He has also designed a number of private dwelling houses and apartment blocks, commercial premises. in Paris a whole street block, la rue starck, is going up to his designs (1991).

One of my favourite questions put to Philippe during an interview..to which his answer I loved..
Q/ You once said that it is your dream to make the world
a better place...is it beauty you are looking for?

A/ No, not for beauty.
we have to replace beauty, which is a cultural concept,
with goodness, which is a humanist concept.

Q/ The beauty of intelligence?

A / Yes. of intelligence.the elegance of intelligence and the beauty of happiness.
And so what happens when you get a famous designer like Philippe Starck speaking at the TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) without notes, without a Power Point presentation, without props...but most definitely not without his insane, creative genius? 

To me you get Sheer Brilliance !!!
Watch him in action Here

Oh..and you may struggle with the strong French accent..but that adds to the entertainment.


  1. I love watching doco's like that, they are always insightful.

    Lisa x

  2. His designers are ikons of the industry! Love it all! XX Samantha

  3. These are beautiful! Ghost chairs are pretty! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  4. Oh he's an icon, that's for sure!! My SIL had babies with a Starke collector, a man who never wanted children & i remember him being so "look at me, i'm a father now & haven't had to move any of my expensive designer pieces". At the time i had 3 of my own children running around & was thinking, when will he realise a baby can't climb or knock things over. So funny to see it all disappear as the first child became mobile, so lucky, that nephew of mine is a complete bull dozer. Love Posie

  5. Thanks for that, really interesting.

    Bee happy x

  6. He is a character that one, isn't he? But a creative genius nonetheless. Hope you're having a great day sweet, K xx


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