Feb 13, 2011


Well..this is still a work in progress and coming together alot slower than I expected.
I think it has alot to do with ME changing my mind..and loving so many styles..and not committing to one in particular...but I think I have now...and this is the inspirational image I am working with at the moment for my little Munchkin's room.

image via: Martha Stewart

 Love the colour scheme of this room, The Orange, Blue and Green.

Bed - Time to upgrade to a big bed now for my little guy, think he has outgrown his cot and would love the extra space to spread out, or just a little nook where he can happily plonk and read his favourite books.
Im really not that keen on having a bed head , a little too formal for what I had in mind and am planning to situate the bed in the centre ..which would look odd if I had a bed head.
I want to create a space that is cosy, fun , vibrant a mix of old and new and one that truly reflects his little personality.

Something similar to the bed that is pictured above would be ideal...just a simple bed base but not too low to allow storage underneath if possible.

A few that I spotted at Ikea and that have taken my liking

The Ikea Gulliver, with slatted bed frame.
I like the idea of it also converting to a daybed filled with lots of vibrant cushions.

The Ikea Odda Bedframe with storage
A bit boxy I know, but the storage is a plus

Bedding - Love these Jiro pillow cases from Sheridan 
(after seeing them featured on Table Tonic)
at $9.95 its crazy cheap and super gorgeous, am thinking a mix of blue green 
and orange. ( Thanks Louise from TT..you always find the best buys!)
Some Artwork to be added

 This Happy Little Vegemite Print - created by yours truly
( which will be for sale soon, email if interested)

Also this gorgeous Personalised World Map I purchased from the lovely
Janette at My Sweet Prints
( still searching for the right frame Janette..sorry)

So far that is all I have decided on and committed to....so wish me luck on getting the ball rolling peep!


  1. Good luck with your room Anna, Have fun. You already have some great ideas and your print is just precious.
    Donna xx

  2. Anna this room is by far the best children's room for inspiration I think I've come across, I love it all! It's so sweet with the little toy soldiers all lined up and the alphabet train and I love all those cushions! I think you're on to a winner and your little vegemite will love it too! :) xx

  3. LOVE this inspiration! In fact I may have to share on Little Moth. Such a darling room. Thanks for dropping by Moth and for the lovely comment. I was unsure about the redesign. You made my day Anna! xoxo

    ps- Jacq is a lucky little man!

  4. Love it all, can't wait to see the finished room :)

  5. Little Jacq is going to be so excited about his big boy bed. You have some great ideas there can't wait to see how it turns out x

  6. Gorgeous ideas anna, so much fun. Have a wonderful week xx

  7. OOh, I love this room too!
    I really love orange and blue together for a child's room! adds so much sunshine and happiness!

  8. Love that inspiration pic - so many cool ideas to use - can't wait to see what you come up with x

  9. Too Funny! i LOVE the map and the pop pillowcases and i too have that martha stewart loft in my baby boys mood board.. Love your taste! x


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