Feb 18, 2011


Onto the gorgeous colour green! The Asparagus green, the Olive green, The moss green, forest green...the yellow green...oh and I could go on and on...

Its almost as if I am in sync with the seasons...although I still love the fresh vibrant colours of summer...I now find myself gravitating towards the warm calming colours of Autumn... which begins next Month !

Some inspiration below....if you feel yourself heading to the green zone...

images from: Interior Pavilion Design, Green Western Interiors
Christina Murphy Interiors, Sabbe Interior Design, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


  1. Yes, this all says Autumn to me. It's nice to bring a bit of the outside in.

    Lisa x

  2. Nice images Anna. I'm loving lots of fresh green and chartreuse too at the moment (which is something of a surprise - even for me!)

  3. Beutiful images all of them Anna and enhanced all the more by the lovely soundtrack playing :o)

  4. Love the images although I have just moved on from the green! As you know I'm feeling very floral and pink at the moment. Getting a head start for Spring? xx

  5. Do you know what Anna, I am kinda loving green at the moment too! It is a colour I don't wear much of but I bought an emerald green top a few weeks ago (just because I didn't have that colour in my wardrobe) and am smitten with it :) Gorgeous pics, love the first one! x

  6. It is so striking against the white walls and furnishings.

  7. I never knew I loved green so much until I looked at these pictures! :) I kind of want to have a really simple white room with a bright color accent everywhere. Now to figure out the color. Perhaps green?? ;)

  8. What a beautiful collection of images Anna. Green is such a relaxing and peaceful colour...I really love the bottom image, the style just really appeals to me. Hope you're having a great w/end :))


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