Feb 20, 2011

HOME TOUR - A light and Bright California Home

images via: Martha Stewart


  1. This house is a pure delight.
    I love the combination of bright whites with the different timbers and the various textures scattered throughout.

    I could very easily own the key to this front door!

    Felicity x

  2. That is a beautiful inviting home. I'd love to be in that bath right now.

    Lisa x

  3. Gorgeous! What a relaxing looking home, it has such a chilled vibe to it. I love the baskets on top of the wardrobe and the kitchen is beautiful.
    Thank you for your lovely comment today my dear! HUGS!

  4. I love the chunky rustic mirror by the front door. Is it just me or does it almost trick the eye into thinking its a doorway to another room?

  5. This house looks like it would be perfect for any season!
    Love that it has my front door :o)

  6. Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE this home!! LOVE!!

    Have a wonderful week, Anna :)

  7. Love the rough slab mirror and I so wish this was my kitchen...one day perhaps :) Speak soon x

  8. The rooms are very lovely and stunning! What a very gorgeous home.

  9. Am really in love with this house Anna and in particular with pic 6 from top it's a gorgeous entry and dreamt about one like that for my house for a long time. It's a great post. Thanks for sharing. have a great week :))

  10. I love homes that let in lots of light and are brighter...so refreshing and welcoming!

    Liesl :)

  11. I was zooming down all the pics and going 'ooh, love this' and 'ooh, love that' - so, as there are too many things to love - I guess I will just say 'I hate the floor tiles'. Is that a silly comment?

  12. I love the floor tiles ~ so I have to disagree with Linda. But really gorgeous is the detail around the fireplace ~ I could spend ages checking out all the little stories in that!


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