Feb 2, 2011


A few weeks ago Mr White and I decided to visit one of the display home centres in Kellyville...for no reason other than we thought it would inspire us...to not let go of the good old Australian dream of one day owning your own home.

So we thought..lets dream a little...pretend its ours for a few minutes...and hold onto that dream a little tighter.

Ive got to tell you ...the architectural design of some of these homes is amazing..well thought out and even the small ..what do I do with spaces?...were turned into  spaces that were functional and or a feature in the home.

As for the Interior Styling...Hmmm..not bad..but not really my cup of tea when it came to artwork and soft furnishings...however some beautiful furniture pieces and styling ideas....some were a bit over the top for me.

Anyway...some images below from some of these homes that really grabbed both Mr White and Myself.

Click onto images to enlarge.

Love the idea of adding shutters to large feature windows to keep the home cool when warm...and warm when cold but letting the sun in.

LOVE these splashback windows

Built in bookcases are always a great feature especially surrounding a fireplace and don't take up floor space, giving the room are more spacious feel.

Lovely piece of driftwood

Front glass paneled door lets in alot of natural light, cant really walk around in your knickers though.

 These interconnecting windows fitted with shutters seemed to be a common featured used in most of the display homes.


Love the idea of having a little wash room

Interesting ensuite...the twin showers are situated behind the basins.

Yuurk..What I mean by over the top...way too many cushions for a start

 Loved these utility rooms usually built along side the kitchen

Coffe table...love

 Feel inlove with this cow hide rug...of course I turned it over to see if I could find out where it came from...nothing.

images : own


  1. I've browsed through a few display homes before for decorating ideas too :) There's some great designs about - LOVE the splashback windows, would make slaving away over a stove so much more enjoyable with a lovely view. Love the bookcases on either side of the heater too - have saved this in my living room file as we're hoping to do something similar one day where our new heater is.

  2. They're pretty fancy aren't they? I used to love going through display homes with my mum and sister when I was little. So much fun!
    There is some severe over-cushioning going on in some of these pics but I agree, love the coffee table, in fact that whole room is lovely :)

  3. Love display homes they definitely can inspire, the modern architecture is great and the layout of features.
    But have to agree with you on the cushions thats just a tad bit OTT.
    oh well some like it some don't
    different strokes for different folks.
    Andrea x

  4. Weve been planning to do a trip to Home World soon too! The styling and furnishings looks much better than I remember it having looked the last time I went through there. Lots of great ideas but yeah, WAY too many cushions :)

  5. Wow! I love my cushions too but lordy, thats alot! My hubby and I got locked in one of those homes about 10 years ago LOL Thankfully we were saved about 1/2 an hour later! H did alot of the landscaping there too. I'm loving the window splashback....would love one of those! x

  6. Some of the ideas are really good aren't they. I really love the glass banister on the stairs..probably a nightmare to keep clean though:)

  7. Nice to see what is out there and considered in fash-ion!!! Did like the splashback windows in the kitchen and the showers behind the basin... Thanks for the tours....

  8. Love looking at display homes too. Its been a while though. By the way that cow hide rug is from Domayne, it was a couple of years ago though so not sure if it is still available. xx

  9. Display homes have come a long way haven't they. We get tempted by the idea of having a clean, functional and brand new space where everything works and its designed for family living (which is the complete opposite of the older homes we've always lived in)every so often we go and check them out too, it would be nice wouldn't it.
    I love the built in bookcase's on either side of the fire. Megan xx

  10. Oh that cushion collection on the bed, even though it's a display home, my husband would have to restrain himself from throwing them on the ground, he loathes bed cushions!!
    We're building on a farm so we're all over the 'set standard common denominator' decorating, we can't even find a simple design for our very simple homestead. So we're designing it ourselves, so few large houses actually cater for real life large families!! Plus we want a breeze way, 6 bedrooms on one level & are building on 100-150 acres, so we don't need a narrow front etc. We're ALL about garden.
    Thanks for your tour, next time my husband is around on a trip to Sydney we plan on going to the Kellyville place, i will have camera in hand. Love Posie

  11. oh those cushions are hilarious! someone needs to take less drugs! great pics, I love visiting display homes too, about 1-2 a year, any more than that and they start to all look the same and loose the "wow" factor!

  12. Had a little chuckle reading this...I look for names/brands/manufacturers on everything in display homes! A tip - often there's a sticker on the underside of a drawer. I know that sounds borderline nutty, but hey - when you find the good stuff, you need to know the deets! K xx

  13. Hi

    Doesn't look like a show home in the UK!

    I have found that the internal doors are taken off their hinges to make the rooms appear larger and the furniture that is used is smaller, they still keep doing this even though lots of people notice!

    Bee happy x

  14. Love those trips for inspiration, keep hold of that dream, have a wonderfully inspiring weekend xx

  15. I love display homes & fortunately I live in an area where they are plentiful. After seeing so many be built near my house all of the different companies seem to use Guest furniture hire for thier furnishings & sometimes you can purchase things from them. Angela at wicker & stitch blog has done the styling for a few display homes here , she may be able to help with your rug!!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Hello, I found this website while I was looking for web sites related to Display Homes Perth and I found this topic of yours. This is a charming home! I could just picture my kids running around in that large yard and my wife and I end I enjoying some good wine out on the porch.


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