Feb 7, 2011


My lovelies...I know I am posting about this a little too close to the date....but Simon from Honey and Fizz had an awesome idea of suggesting a Bloggers get together this weekend for a picnic in the park....of course this involves a bit of bubbly ; )

If you are interested in joining us...please email either myself or Simone for the details....of course if the weather turns crappy and there is a possible chance of showers...there will be an alternative meeting spot...would be a great opportunity to meet more fellow bloggers in person and enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

So Come Join Us!!

image via: Flickr - Bordons


  1. so wish I lived closer!! would love to have a picnic and meet many wonderful bloggers!!
    I will sit here in the snowy world of chicago with a cup of tea! thinking of you all enjoying the sun or possible drizzle. enjoying

  2. thanks for posting Anna, I better get into gear and confirm numbers etc xx

  3. Sounds like fun - have a wonderful time! If only I lived closer... ;-)

  4. Boo to living so far away :( I hope you ladies have a beautiful afternoon! x

  5. Waaaaahhhhhh! (me crying) I wanna go! Have fun girls (me pouting bottom lip) xxxxx Lyn

  6. I would love to have been able to meet you all. I am with Lyn...BOO!
    have a great time
    Ness xx

  7. Sounds like fun Anna! Are you in Sydney?

  8. Sooo much fun... but not happy I don't live closer (we've been here before haven't we Anna;)??)
    I hope you have a goregous picnic and look forward to seeing some pics of the day.

    By the way I just realised I wasn't actually "following" your blog!! What the... You're on my blogroll and I check in everyday but... sorry. You know how much I love Lona de Anna xxx


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