Feb 24, 2011


 images via: Ervin Cowboy

Well if like me you are a HUGE fan ( yes I dream of one day owning a white house with blue shutters)  then check out this place Palmetto Bluff ...my lovelies... if you ever wanted to create your own reenactment of the notebook with your true love...then this would definitely be the place to do it.

I stumbled across this place through a fellow blogger Matt, 
blog author of Ervin Cowboy


Apart from the obvious...(yes.. Matthew certainly wasn't hit with the ugly stick)

Matt is a Design assistant for Hello Splendor/ Pulp Design Studio's and has a true talent and skill for Interior Design.
Matt has a love for the outdoors, for living life and learning the lessons that come with it and growing along the way...and may I add that he does it ever so stylishly ..as I don't think its humanly possible that he would ever have an off day...Matt always looks the part and has the personality and heart and it shows through his blog!

Matt featured a beautiful post on this very place Palmetto Bluff...and in Matt's own words..." After a few minutes I was inlove" ...this is true...as my heart went flip flop just reading his post...and I haven't even been there...but its definitely on the bucket list now my lovelies.....a trip to South Carolina from Sydney Australia is possible right? Heck...its not that far from New York...right?

Having said that...you know..I have to add that we are so lucky to have such beautiful landscapes and places like Palmetto Bluff here in Australia..and photographer Drew Nelson does an amazing job at capturing the beauty of what we call...God's Country.


  1. Oooh those pictures are beautiful! What a lovely spot you have found...and thank you for introducing me to another great, fellow blogger! Oh yes, and I too love "The Notebook!"

    Liesl :)

  2. How can you not love the Notebook!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Anna thanks again for sharing!!! Great images, just stunning...am in love...Ciao :))

  4. Anna, I am literally sitting here sobbing! You are so sweet to say such nice things about me on your blog. I have to admit I was a little shocked to come across my face when I clicked over to see your blog, but it was such a pleasure after reading what you wrote. You really made my day, and you're such a sweet heart!!!

  5. I would love to live in that white house :)

    Great pictures, really inspiring.

    Bee happy x

  6. I want to go there! :)
    These photographs are breathtaking. So much beauty!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Anna!

  7. diggin' the blog. found you via Karena and her blog. wonderful post. i look forward to other terrific posts. - Jg.

  8. anna, i just clicked back to follow your blog, and scrolled down to see matthew!!! he is one of my good friends from back home, and is the design assistants for my best friend. we had weekly lunch bunch every tuesday together, until i moved :(

    ah, so now we have to be blog friends. i love it!

  9. Hahaha....AK...consider it done!
    Matt is a beautiful soul..I feel so honoured to be able to call him my friend.
    Dont you just love the magic of blogging! ; ) x

  10. Anna -if you ever make it to this neck of the woods I would be more than happy to be your tour guide ; ) you may have to create a new head piece for me though so I look the part ; ) x


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