Jan 27, 2011

TO EIFFEL OR NOT TO EIFFEL...that is the question

The latest hunt that I am on is a hunt for a couple of Eames Eiffel Chairs.
I think these would be perfect for our dining table.

We have a gorgeous dining table that Mr White built back in the day when he lived on Lord Howe Island...the table top itself is built out of one whole singular piece of Norfolk pine..no joining pieces...just one huge slab..straight from the tree itself..yes...he helped lop, chop, cut and shape the tree ( with help of course) ..then shaped some more, shaved, sanded and polished to create a beautiful table...frame and legs made from the same tree...all by hubby's hands...alot of blood ,sweat and almost tears went into making this table....isn't he clever!

A few years back we were lucky to come across another slab of the exact same type of wood by a friend of Mr Whites....and so two bench seats were made to match the existing table...and they look awesome together...the whole setting weighs a tonne.
Only thing is that you cant sit on these bench seats for long periods at a time...so entertaining friends can be a bit of a drag when you have to retire to the living area because your back ends up seriously aching from the no support factor lacking from our seating.

So I thought a nice couple of Eames Eiffle Chairs would look fab as a little addition to the setting....just not sure wheither I should get 2, 4 or 6?

If I end up deciding on more than 2 then the bench seats will have to go...and I really don't want to move them as they are huge and heavy..although one of the bench seats could make an awesome coffee table?

The other dilemma is to go Wooden Dowel Base OR Chrome Plated steel when it comes to the Eames Eiffel Chairs?

I'm leaning towards the Chrome plated steel in this case...however Mr White prefers the wood???? Which I do love above the chrome if I had to choose which look I actually prefer....but in this case I think the chrome will have more wow factor against wooden dining table.
Uggghh decisions!

Does anyone own a set of these style of chairs? are they comfy?

Table similar to ours

Styles I like


 images from: flickr, apartment therapy,fastautos,pinterest, hgtv
lolalina,sfgirlbybay,inside out colour and design,great interior design, grassrootmodern


  1. Got 'em.
    Love 'em.
    Get 'em.

    They are comfy and look great.
    Only pickle is that, depending on how old your kids are, it can be a bit hard getting on and off for them (mine are 5.5 and 7.5 - note: I HAVE to add the .5's). There is quite a lip on the edge of the seat.

    BTW .. that image, with the table/4chairs/artwork looking through to the kitchen. that is one of my fav images - ripped it out of mag and have kept

  2. Thanks Linda for all that super helpful info..my little one is just over 2..well 2.3 ;) did you end up with the wooden or metal base? x

  3. LOVE this look Anna, I agree with Linda on the same image. The metal base would look fantastic with the wooden table.

    Dying to see pics of this table too, you described it so beautifully. Well done Mr White :)

  4. Anna, I think keep your benches and add two at the ends. It would be a shame to not use your benches.

    I am with your hubby. I kinda like the dowels. Look forward to seeing how it looks, I am sure you will make it look gorgeous.

  5. oh hon...we have 8 of the white with steel legs...like the 2nd image...ours sit around a dark wooden table....
    these are all in storage in australia- tooo much to bring to our little life in england...but i see pictures like this and CANNOT believe we didn't bring them!!

    we love ours...easy to keep clean...always look gorgeous!
    i would love them with wooden handmade bench seats....perhaps you should just get two for the ends??

    i would have bought the wooden legged ones if we'd had a different table- as they too are just beautiful...

    let us know what you decide....oohhh what fun!

    melissa xx

  6. I'm totally obsessed over eiffel chairs right now. Definitely think you should go for chrome.

  7. Love the sound of where you are heading with this. I adore mixing tables and chairs. My two cents......chrome base. The reflective surface almost 'floats' the chair, allowing your gorgeous table to be centre stage. I'm not convinced that the dowel base could hold its own against a beautifully finished wood slab. Due to the intricacy of the base design I also feel that these chairs are best used in a linear format along the table, not all around the table.....I adore the image of the red high chair in the host position!
    Good luck! Cant wait to see how this works out for you xx Lyn

  8. Love these chairs Anna and think they would work perfectly with your wooden table (how fab to have such a handy husband). I'm kind of leaning towards the wooden legs xx

  9. Anna- I just bought some of these for our dining room- with wood table also (check out pics on my blog- maybe 4 posts down).

    They are hands down the most comfortable chairs Hubby and I have ever sat on (more so than the upholstered chairs I gifted to the MIL). I actually prefer to sit at the dining room now to do my crafting/ blogging- I liken them to the ergonomics of a school chair (designed to be sat in for hours)

    I purchased from Dare in Artarmon $89ea on sale.

    XX Samantha

  10. We went with these chairs as well, Anna, if I can claim that given that they are the replicas! They're comfy, easy to clean and look rather delish. I got the chrome legs, given that we have polished concrete floors.
    I say yes!
    Good luck! xx

  11. Love the look! I love the wooden legged ones, there are ads every month in H&G for them, usually around $75 each I think.

  12. I haven't got them, but I love both. The wooden dowels win me by a..... a dowel? ;)

  13. You should totally do it.... I adore those chairs. I love both the chrome AND wood and would find it hard to choose! Can't wait to see the pics when you decide!

  14. THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!! you have ALL been a wonderful help and have made me feel much better about my decision...now I just have to convince Mr White that Chrome is the way to go..will keep you posted..literally..on how things pan out! x

  15. They are such a classic design .. and I must admit I love the wooden legged ones. They just seem to add more warmth to the room.

    The chrome ones are also great, but give the room a different feel.
    I'm sure whatever you and Mr W choose will look great. Cant wait to see the room once you decide.

  16. Hi anna, I can imagine that they will look just awesome with your table (from how you have described it) I personally prefer the wooden legs, but you seem set on the chrome! You should go with your heart!!!
    Laura xx

  17. Love these chairs ... they'd look great with a cushion on them too (actually I think my aunt had something similar - a white chair with a little black cushion back in the 80s!).

    I'd love to see the table! With the bench seats, can you put them on a verandah or something???

  18. I love this chair! especially with the wood dowel legs in Anna's kitchen (door 16) with the dark moody black wall.

    ps adore your blog!

  19. I have just ordered 4 of these with the chrome legs - i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited - they arrive later this week. I'm worried that i should have gone with a dark table - i went with white - i'll send a picture when they get here.

  20. Anna, i love the table featured in the 11th image from the top... do you mind telling me which website you found it from and any idea at all what it's called? i think it goes perfectly with those eames chairs, thanks!


  21. Hi Stella,

    Can only reply to you here as I couldnt access your email address.

    The image is from Grassrootmodern.com....I think they sourced it through DWR ( Design Within Reach)
    Im not sure wheither they would stock it ..but here is a similar style table...but the legs dont cross over.


    Anyway..Im sure they can lead you in the right direction if you contact them.

    Hope this info helps!



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