Jan 15, 2011


Who would have thought that I would be considering a pair of task lamps for the bedroom?...but they have grown on me in such a BIG way...that its exactly what I ended up choosing for our bedroom...a gorgeous pair of task lamps from Ikea.

Here's why..many of the lamps I had looked at ( and many being an understatement) were either completely out of my price range...or far too girlie glamorous for me...but dont get me wrong.. I love a bit of glamour like the next girl...however I was really conscious about keeping it a unisex kind of style...not to masculine..but not too girlie either....just to keep Mr White happy too.

And so I ended up with a pair of Kroby nickel plated task lamps from Ikea..
I know...completely different to what I first had in mind!

Everytime  I went searching for the right lamp...I found myself spending more time checking out the different types of task lamps that were available...and there are ALOT out there let me tell you.
I really loves these ones in particular....I love the blown glass shade...and the fact that it has a slight art deco look to it ( I'm crazy about anything art deco)

Here is the best bit.....they were $19.99 each ....can you believe that?
I was expecting to pay around the $50 mark...what a treat!

And they look fantastic in the bedroom...I'm so super chuffed with them...and these little beauties are so solid in structure and weight..they also really compliment the grey Ikat print cushions I recently made ..it all just ties in so beautifully my lovelies...cant wait to show you !

Dont worry..I will be posting some pics very soon....but thought I would share my great buy with you all.

What do you think of task lamps......are they your thing?


images from: Lonny,daily danner, decordir, PB Teen, Life Unstyled


  1. I love mine! It was left by the previous owners. A gorgeous cobalt glue with a smidge of rust. It's perfect for my jewellery work. I'm so pleased you finally found something m'love! x

  2. I really like them Anna. Contemporary and timeless at the same time :)

  3. I am guilty of having awful lighting just about everywhere in my house. I need task lighting and will have to invest in some. I saw a great one at Restoration Hardware.

  4. Isn't Ikea the best? Yes, I really like them. I have a task light as my bedside light, have done for as long as I remember. So handy for reading in bed :)

  5. I love task lighting in certain rooms, I think it can be so perfect. Can't wait to see them in your room!



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