Jan 11, 2011


My Lovelies....over the holidays I have spent much time reflecting on oneself, and the many hats I wear.. and so I decided to create this blog 

Me, Myself and I 
as an inspirational journal not only for myself but for all women out there as a place where you could visit and hopefully leave inspired or at least leave 
with a smile.

A place to share with each other, be it joy, courage, hope, assurance, or philosophy, wisdom, a vision for the future.

A place to share beauty tips, recipes, advice, stories,experiences and more

Just a bunch of beautiful women coming together and enhancing each others lives for the better.

Me, Myself and I is still in its early stages, but I assure you there will be wonderful posts to read, inspiration to be found, and alot of humour to be shared.

I would love if you would come follow me here ; )


  1. Sounds great, off to check it out. Love Posie

  2. Sounds great and with you behind it, I know it will be another wonderful blog Anna xx

  3. Sounds lovely, off to check it out now, Anna!

  4. Happy New Year, Anna.. you've obviously been very busy behind the scenes. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG...good for the soul :)

  5. What a wonderful idea and a great inspiration for the new year!! Going to check it out now, sweetie.

    Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were as fabulous as you are ;)


  6. Hi Anna, hope you had a great Christmas and NY. Look forward to checking out your new blog. I've just I've moved weblinks. I'm now at http://cornflakesandhoney.blogspot.com/ which unfortunately requires everyone who's following to refollow and update reading lists. Sorry to be a pain :-) I think maybe I should have done what you've done and start a new one as it's now a lot of work getting everyone back, oops! xx


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