Jan 16, 2011


My Lovelies,

When I discover amazing Australian Talent through the blogsphere...I cannot help but want to share my new find with you all....which is why I decided to do a feature post on an amazing Sydney based Company called Romantiques.

Why I have not stumbled across them before I dont know?.... but I can tell you that I have certainly come across images of their beautiful creations  posted over the blogsphere...not knowing at the time where these amazing images originally came from.

My lovelies..You have  always been so supportive and encouraging when coming across new blogs on the block especially Australian ones....as you were with welcoming me....and so I ask that you please welcome Geoff and Andrea Lobonati and Caldonia O'Leary with the same welcoming open arms to the blogsphere and follow their amazing blog Romantiques.

To tell you a little bit more about Romantiques I asked Andrea Lobonati  ( she even sounds like a famous artist doesn't she) the Graphic Designer  of Romantiques if she would be kind enough to give up some time in her busy schedule to be a part of this feature post....and so I asked Andrea to put into her own words What Romantiques is all about.

Andrea writes....

 To put it bluntly, what we aim for here at Romantiques is to create bloody fantastic pieces of furniture. And then create, create, and create some more!

And the best thing is, that's not the only thing we pride ourselves in, and it has everything to do with being part of such a dynamic and passionate team.
But firstly, here's a taster of what we do - 

We put the life and fun back into lackluster pieces. Or any piece for that matter. 
Injecting a little bit of our personal style, combined with whatever fancy the client feels, is all part of a day's work, and the creation process in our Sydney-based studio.
It could be your favourite poem scrawled across a chest of drawers, a brightly coloured harlequin chairs around an art deco dining table bearing a painted Gothic cross,  or a full-scale reproduction of Raphael's Birth of Venus on your living room wall...whatever a client demands, whatever we feel like doing, it's really all possible!

While we include many different businesses and services as part of our team, the three people that really keep the wheels turning at the studio are Geoff Libonati, owner and founder of Romantiques, Andrea Libonati/myself, the graphic designer, and Caldonia O'Leary, the artist.
All three of our jobs correlate and contribute to every piece of furniture that comes through and leaves our doors. Geoff has over 25 years of experience in the furniture alteration industry, and is the self-confessed all-rounder, and furniture expert, of the business. 

His persistence and unyielding work ethic is an example the rest of us try to emulate. He's the first person in the studio in the mornings and is already busy preparing the pieces while the rest of us are still yawning.
But before the pieces are even ready for preparing, my job comes into play. After meeting with clients and discussing the endless possibilities for their piece, I can create a visual representation of the finished piece itself, making it a whole lot easier for the client to imagine. 

After all, for the layperson, our ideas might seem a little radical. Anything that makes the process a little easier for the client to handle is a good thing! I'm always thinking up new images for our art on furniture range, taking pictures, dreaming of colour schemes...there really is not enough time in the day.
After the piece has been thought out and prepared, it's onto the art department. This is where we can really see all our ideas take shape, guided by the paintbrush of our artist Caldonia. Her passion for art shows in every piece that crosses her path, and it's not only the furniture that undergoes the creative treatment.

Her love of the Renaissance period have led to another service we are able to offer... reproductions of beautiful classical art. A perfect partner to any piece of revamped furniture.

A huge Thank you to  Geoff, Andrea and Caldonia at Romantiques for being so accommodating and taking part in this special feature post, we wish you all amazing success with Romantiques!

Now my lovelies...feast your eyes on these gorgeous creations...amazing craftsmanship, artistry, design...must I go on? 

To view more visit their website here

images from: Romantiques


  1. I am Following along, the pics look beautiful & they are located right near me- soo Inspired!

  2. Beautiful things Anna...thank you for the intro :)

  3. Anna, oh my they are all works of art!! I will go to their site right now!

    Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign......


    Art by Karena

  4. Oh Anna, thanks, wow wow wow wow, amazing pieces, what artistry & eye for detail & design. Love Posie

  5. that black chest with white writing - stunning!

  6. It looks fab Anna - I'm off to check out the link! xx

  7. Hope you dont mind, I have saved the chalkboard chest of drawers shot...love that! Didnt know abaout this either so thanks for the intro Anna.
    Ness xx

  8. Lovely feature, those dressers are divine!


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