Jan 21, 2011


Today I spent the first part of the day getting a little creative and adding some nice little touches throughout the house...before hitting the beach with my two boys in the afternoon.

What did I do exactly? Well....

I added some fresh flowers throughout the house...carnations were mums
favourite flower and so I thought I would buy a bunch today...I felt like having something to remind me of her around the home. 
( p.s Thats Mr White in the background...one of his modeling pictures from his younger days ; )

 I jazzed up my sideboard a little, added my favourite things...
some Interior Design books including Domino which the gorgeous Mr White gave me for Christmas, a gorgeous little white porcelien egg that I purchased the other day...I just fell inlove with its simplicity and the grey painted feather print on it.
A Fornasetti glass candy dish that my lovely sister bought me for Christmas...which I absolutely adore!!

Added some pretty flowers to my Kitchen window sill.

Some artwork to freshen up a very bare wall...using some empty picture frames 
I had laying about. First one is just a piece of Trellis fabric I had spare
the second a gorgeous Cognac Monnet Print that I finally framed! 
( Love anything Art Deco as you know)

 You may recognise this lamp shade? ( one of my DIY jobs)...which I have now teamed up with a different lamp base....and they both live happily on my gorgeous glossy black cane chest ( another DIY job)

And thats about it folks....what do you think?

images: own


  1. Fabulous! All of it. Love that you framed a piece of fabric and that it come's back in that gorgeous lamp.

  2. Looks great! Love the lamp. And wowza... Mr. White is looking pretty hot in that photo!!!

  3. Fresh flowers are always a winner. I could nothing else at home, but have flowers around and I feel good! xo

  4. All looks fab! I really love that lamp shade and cane chest, look great together. Where did you get that little egg? So sweet. PS I did answer the op shop question on a previous post - Hornsby, ssshhhh ;-)

  5. Thank you lovelies!
    Christel - Thank you..and yes...was wondering wheither using the Trellis was going to be a bit of an overkill..but it seems to work?

    Carissa - He is a little Hottie..Im very lucky indeed!

    Katrina - Agree 100% best pick me up..second to alcohol..lol

    TT - Thank you lovely..I got it from Bed Bath n Table at Top Ryde..$7...there are some awesome sales on at the moment..this one I thought I could afford ; )

  6. Some simple little changes but gives the rooms a fresh new look. Flowers are the best accessory aren't they! Have a great weekend x

  7. Looking fab- love it all- framed fabric and lampshade, the glossy black truk. Ahhhh happy weekend enjoy. XX Samantha

  8. It all looks so lovely! Beautiful flowers :)
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! x

  9. I'm loving the shade on that lamp base, gorgeous (still haven't done anything with my fabric!!)
    Hope you had a beautiful time at the beach xox

  10. All such lovely touches around your home. Carnations are my 'dad' flowers :) Absolutely love your lamp - looks fab! x

  11. Loving your lamp Anna! And poor you having a 'model' hubby....does he 'blue steel' you a la Zoolander?
    I have always loved carnations en masse....just leave out the frothy white gypsophila. Thanks for the visit to LINI and the add to you blog roll...kisses xx

  12. so pretty... your home and your Mr. ha.

  13. Love it all! About to do the same here, a little bit of flower arranging! Letitia x


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