Dec 16, 2010


We always use the phrase..." Steel my Sunshine" when someone or something has taken the warm glow out of our day and replaced it with gloom...but what about the Moon...I find staring at the moon brings me just as much warmth and comfort as the Sun....sometimes I have quiet little chats with the moon and share my deepest thoughts and wishes...and no matter how many times I stare at the same moon, it never ceases to take my breath away and have me mesmerized by its brilliant glow.

Martha from Jelly Shane had a wonderful idea of a way that we could help and support Jane ..and I know that this can work ladies if we all just take a minute each night to do what Martha has suggested here

Lets put back the Moons glow ....for Jane


  1. Just lovely sentiments, sweet Anna. I'm just catching up on the news. J x

  2. Dear Anna,
    What a shock it was when I read Janes post. I have followed her from the beginning . What a lovely post you have written and, I shall be watching that moon like a hawk . I am a great believer in positive mental attitude and I know that Jane has it in bucketloads.
    Apologies for being AWOL computer was taken over by viruses and I have had so much trouble with blogger on some blogs.
    Here's to Jane and the positivity of the moon. XXXX

  3. Nice post. This made me remember the beauty of life.


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