Nov 8, 2010

MOROCCAN STYLE....More Rockin than not?

A style that I have really been gravitating towards lately is the Moroccan Style.
The interiors are often very lavish and I love all the different textures used in creating a Moroccan design. 
The rough stucco walls, smooth silken tapestries and ceramic tiles, and rugged carved wood chests and tables, rough wooden tables topped with a smoothly polished brass, Contrast is the goal with this style.
What appeals most to me about this style is the furniture.. a refreshing combination of delicately-carved wooden pieces and plush over-stuffed upholstered ones.

Not to mention....the gorgeous Lanterns, Wall hanging rugs, unique handmade fabrics and upholstery, mosaic tables, creating moorish Moroccan furniture home decor ambiance, bringing exotic and vibrant colours to your home.

If your looking to unleash a little of your exotic self and add a little Moroccan touch to a space in your sure to visit Table Tonic...Louise carries the most gorgeous range of Moroccan decor pieces....well worth a squiz!! ; )


Ahhhh...hello...seriously how gorgeous are glazed hand cut Moroccan tiles?

Images from: Elle Decor, Anne Sage, House to Home,Saint Tropez Boutique, Treat


  1. I adore the look of a few Moroccan inspired accents in a space. Love the intricate tile work and silver lanterns especially.

  2. Hello!! I loved this post!! Everything beautiful and inspiring...Have a wonderful week! xx

  3. I love those tiles in the last image!
    We are thinking of a trip to Morocco this Christmas ... fingers crossed that it happens!

    Very inspiring xx

  4. thanks for the little gorgeous taste of morrocco lovely girl...
    the hubster and i are heading there for a week in early december....
    a long held dream- we can't wait...i have my eye on little lovely tiles and some teapots and glasses....

    just beautiful inspiration...

    melissa xxx

  5. Welcome back Anna! Looks like you've returned to the blogging scene with avengence with this fantastic long post - great inspiration lovely! :-)
    p.s. loving the music this morning!

  6. Thanks A. (Great minds think alike!)
    Welcome back!

  7. Love these images. Great to have you back. Meg xxx

  8. pretty, pretty. I love my Moroccan pouf.

  9. You've found some great images that respresent this style - I love all the patterns and texture. I am desperate to buy a Moroccan leather pouffe - just need to convince hubby it's a necessity for our living room first!! :)


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