Aug 9, 2010


If you had to choose between the two....which one of these would you put up with during the night?

A dripping Tap?

Or someone snoring?

Last night I was actually wishing it was the dripping tap that was keeping me awake all night...rather than Mr White's snoring!
Its torture!!!  Its not his fault poor soul...but it ain't mine

So what we both got last night was brocken  sleep...which also included Jacq waking up in the night wanting his bottle,So I was kept awake throughout the night with hubby's constant snoring...and he was kept awake with me breaking his sleep with my constant nudging and whinging...till he eventually dragged himself to the sofa.

So this morning..I am tired...irritable...and vague..and this miserable weather doesn't help...what was a glorious sunny day yesterday???..and now grey clouds and rain.

What I would like to do is go back to sleep and finish off that dream I was having with Hugh Jackman ...thank you :)

Hope your day has started off alot better than mine my lovelies :)


  1. i totally know what you are talking about today...the sun is just teasing me, i got to hang clothes out yesterday ..but today its pouring its heart out.the sleep part we can never win whether its the other halves keeping us up snoring or talking or our little munckins.hope you get a little rest today xx

  2. Oh Anna you poor thing! Nothing worse than waking up tired :( Maybe a little nap today if Jacq does? I think I would choose snoring. I could keep nudging and waking them up until they moved into another room!

  3. hahahaha -this is adorable. however i also feel your pain of not having a sound night's rest :(

    i've had the dripping tap...but maybe i'll go with you and think it's better than the snoring?

    here's hoping to a good night's rest!


  4. I hear you.

    Snoring is a pain.

    I have to say since my husband started cycling and got super fit, he has not snored at all.

    Maybe that could be the cure for you.

    Also red wine is bad for snoring!


  5. It's much easier to fix a leaking tap isn't it! You poor thing. Perhaps a 1/4 of a Restavit to help you get some sleep tonight?

  6. Oh no Anna, poor you and poor hubby not really being able to do anything about it. Are you a light sleeper? Could you toddle off to bed and then hubby creep in later or is his snoring so bad this isn't an option?


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