Aug 9, 2010


My Lovelies...despite the lack of sleep last night...I thought I would try and channel the somewhat tiny bit of energy I have and put it into finishing off my new office space.

And this I am excited about....I finally got rid of the old workstation....and have since purchased a gorgeous new table from Ikea which I absolutely adore!
And so I have been working on creating an inspirational...yet calming work space for myself by adding a few of my favourite little things that put a smile on my dial and that inspire me....and so I must say it is coming together quite nicely....and I cant wait to show you all.

Just a few little twigs here and there....and I'm still working on my mood board and something jazzy for the wall.....and then presto....all will be revealed!!  So stay tuned! :)

Image source: Toothpaste for dinner


  1. Can't wait to see! Hope you can get a little nana nap in this arvo ;)

  2. Oooh, sounds exciting, will be looking forward to the reveal. I love Ikea, wish there was one in Tasmania :(

  3. Ooh, love a reveal! Can't wait to see....

  4. There is nothing worse than not sleeping, hope you catch some zzzzz's tonight! Can't wait to see your new space. xo

  5. Ooh can't wait to see


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