Aug 8, 2010


My Lovelies...I recently purchased this gorgeous cane chest off Ebay about a week ago...for a bargain price of $25...and was very surprised on how big in fact it actually was when I picked it I was thinking ..small little chest...would be great piece to have in the living room...and store Jacq's leggo pieces in it....but my lovelies...this chest was huge...I mean Coffee table...Side table huge!

Its in pretty good nic....but am undecided as to wheither to give it a fresh coat of paint?and if so...what colour? or a sand and re-lacquer only ? or leave as is? What do you think?

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  1. Anna this is wonderful!! I can see it in black or a deep Chinese Red Laquer. Darn I keep missing these bargains!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Anna, that's really lovely. I think it's gorgeous as it is and if you wanted to paint it I'd love to see it lacquered in some way; a deep red or black, depending on your decor. Although I know lots of people will say white :)

  3. What a score! That's a really decent sized looking piece - would be great as a coffee table with the bonus of storage. As for colour, maybe live with it as is for a bit and see if you feel that fits in with its surroundings before you get out the paintbrush :)

  4. I love it, great find Anna!
    I don't know, it would look great as is, or stained darker, or black or white.... look forward to seeing what you decide :)

  5. What a great pickup. I never win anything on ebay - boo hoo! I am leaning toward leaving it as is. Depends where you want it and the look you are after I guess. ;-)

  6. Great buy Anna. I don't now about colours but as I'm in a current place where I'd like to paint everything turquoise or bright pink, i'd be tempted to do it to the chest too :)

  7. Hi Anna!!
    I think it looks great as is, but you know I couln't resist that 1st sugestion of deep red.
    Hope you are keeping well :)))

  8. Ah don't you just love to hunt xx

  9. Great score Anna. Glad it was a 'good' surprise when you picked it up. I've had a few not-so-good surprises with ebay.
    I love the look of glossy black bamboo but that's just me.

  10. Ooh, I found a very similar piece color wise and spray painted it a glossy black. I think you should paint it a fun color to give it an updated look. Here's what I did to mine:


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