Aug 15, 2010


Spruce up plain floating shelves by customising them with a vibrant covering of printed cotton. Follow this easy step-by-step guide I stumbled across on Living Etc.

STEP 1: Choose your fabric. It's best to use something that's thin enough to allow neat corners, as this will enable you to wrap it more snugly around the shelf - printed cotton is ideal. Before you get started, make sure you have the following: a tape measure, a staple gun, fabric scissors, a floating shelf and your chosen fabric.  

Tip Pick up bargains in the remnant section of your local fabric shop.

STEP 2: Measure the end section of your shelf. Cut two identical pieces of fabric to fit, with 3cm extra all round. Place the fabric on each end, fold the excess over and staple on the body of the shelf. Measure the long edge of the shelf and cut one piece big enough to wrap around it, with 2cm excess each side. Fold over 2cm on two sides and iron. Staple in place, leaving the fabric open on the side with the bracket holes.

STEP 3 Once the shelves are wrapped, attach them to the wall with hidden brackets - supplied with the shelves - so they don't interfere with your new streamlined storage.
Tip If the fabric starts to sag, due to not being pulled tightly enough in step two, try holding it taut and ironing a layer of Bondaweb between the loose edges of the material to make it more secure.

And voila.....pretty...what a gorgeous idea for a little girls room!

Image and instructions from: Living Etc 


  1. What an absolutely fantastic idea! I think I will do this to the floating shelf in Isobels room...

    BTW - thanks so so much for your ideas and feedback re: the french doors and wall. Much appreciated xx

  2. Love your tutorial Anna =0) the fabric looks lovely.
    Ness xx

  3. Would never have thought of this! What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Anna, thank you, you just saved me hunting through hundreds of mags. I have 3 of these shelves in brown and I was just looking at them in the weekend and recalling that very guide. You are amazing, thanks so much for this!


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