Jul 7, 2010

TO JUJU OR NOT JUJU? That is the question..


Images from: Amanda Nisbett designs, Apartment 412, 
Style court,Right on and More,Designalogue


  1. I think they look awesome but I know that bubs would be trying his hardest to climb and grab it... too tempting. I just love them on a dark wall!

  2. Yes! To IT ALL! Love those jujus.

  3. I am afraid I am a no. For the following important reasons:

    1. everytime I look at one I start laughing.

    2. how would you dust them?

    3. my cat would try to attack them.


  4. OH MY they are gorgeous i want so badly XXX

  5. They are gorgeous though wouldn't suit my house. I need to find a client who wants one just so I get the chance to use them!

  6. I gotta say I dig them, especially as part of a larger gallery or salon wall. They add a lot of texture and interest- and of course color!

  7. I think you could make them work. They really are gorgeous aren't they. Im afraid that in our house they'd be off the wall and Frisbeed around the backyard the second I turned my back.

  8. Oh yesss!! I love this pictures :)
    Besos desde España

  9. I'm actually with Jane. Some images i see i think man that's pretty impressive - but they're not really my thing.

    hope you're keeping warm over your way darl! jxx

  10. To me they are a bit like that Keep Calm and Carry on poster. Loved it at first, but as soon as it becmae a trend I fell out of love. They were lovely because they were original, but now they are splattered everywhere they have lost their charm.

    So I'm a no on those.

  11. These are absolutely DELIGHTFUL! I love them! There's something just so feminine and pretty about them! Love all the different colors and the white one is so pretty! Thanks for sharing and thanks for your comment. Hope your having a lovely day so far!

    God bless,

  12. They look so much fun and add so much character colour and texture, but I just think I'd find them hard to dust!!


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