Jul 14, 2010


There is something that I absolutely love about a stacked wood fireplace.
Having a husband who is also skilled at Carpentry....we never miss a Wood Show when they are on in Sydney...to him..it is the equivalent of a Design and Decoration Exhibition for me ( that's what he said)..and so I have come to appreciate the beauty and quality of all the different types of natural timbers we have here in Australia even more than I ever did before...and how they can be turned into something so magnificent when placed in the hands of a clever little craftsmen who has an understanding and appreciation for its beauty.
But even in its natural state..before being cut...sanded...waxed or polished..there is something just so beautiful about natural  timber.
When you see a beautifully piece of hand crafted furniture...you cannot help but want to slowly and delicately run your hand along the top of it...feel its subtle edges.. intricate carvings....the flawless finish....seamless joins in the timber..and an appreciation for any craftsmen that is still using dovetails joins in furniture making.

So ..anyway..you can tell I have learnt alot from hubby..and his love of timber.

But a look I have loved and still do immensely...and possibly more so because we are freezing out little goolies off here in Oz at the moment with the winter we are having....is...Stacked wood fireplaces!!

Now seriously....if you have an old fireplace your not using ( smokes up too much, cant be bothered to be chopping wood, or buying it for that matter) then give your poor old fireplace a new look....and add a stack of logs...how adorably cosy, earthy and cheap is this look to create.....

And if your not a log person....then why not try books?

images from: Decor 8, Apartment Therapy, Brown turtle neck,
nibs blog, antonio fireplace designs, bp , stephmodo


  1. I am a fan of the stacked wood fireplace! Fantastic pics!! Maybe you could have wood for winter and books for summer? :)

  2. I love this look! The books are especially cool!

  3. Loved the idea of logs but when I saw the books I screamed. I love that idea! To bad we have an electric one :( Great ideas though!

  4. What a wonderful idea. I love the texture it adds to a room and it's so much more interesting that plopping a screen in front.

  5. I love the logs! Such a clever idea! I think I love the books even more, though, that's even better! I've always liked a nice candle arrangement in an unused fireplace, but this is even more unique! Love!

  6. Isn't a fireplace so romantic and cozy!!!How I wish I had one!

  7. Dang! I keep forgetting you are now heading into winter ;) Those stacked fireplaces are amazing!! I'm not sure I would put all my books in one though, lol.

  8. Wow! I wish our pile looked like that! LOL lovely post x

  9. I am huddled in front of our fire as I type this, but if we didn;t use ours...I would love to stack it like this! these images are gorgeous as always Anna! ~ Tina xx

  10. Love that first shot - I think a big pile of wood like that would make me feel warmer by just looking at it :) I like the book stacking idea too though x

  11. Now I am really wanting it to be fall! Love!

  12. BTW added you to my blog list sweetie!

  13. wow, so clever! I would have never thought of that.
    Thanks for sharing Anna!

  14. Such a great idea if you never light a fire or can't! I love the book idea too that's genius!

    My Mum puts fir cones in a basket in front of the fire when we don't use it but I like the more modern look of logs.

    Hope you're having a lovely day Anna!

  15. YES!!! I totally love the texture that stacking logs in a fireplace offers!! Especially in a traditional room that needs a bit of texture and unexpected punch-



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