Jul 19, 2010


We tend to gravitate towards lighter colour choices for our walls as a room painted a dark shade can be overwhelming. but there is something incredibly appealing about the dark interiors...would you ever paint a room black?


images from: Martha Stewart, decor pad, Apartment Therapy
Flickr, Home Decoration, The butterfly effect


  1. Dark walls are so dramatic, great images!

    Art by Karena

  2. I think the only room I'd be willing to paint black is a half bath, a room where I wouldn't be spending much time. While I like the way they look in photos, I love light. Even rooms with a lot of dark furniture seem to zap the light out of the space.

  3. not sure about the black but I do have a dark chocolate bath with glossy white trim and a white faux bois mirror--its my little chocolate cave! Great post :)

  4. I love this post. I adore black walls and if I had a holiday house or getaway cabin somewhere (or even a bigger house with a lesser used room) I would definitely try black. I especially love it with hints of vintage gold, yellow, hot pink or apricot.

  5. I think if done right it can look very effective as in your pictures. I am not sure that I would be so game though... You really need to have that flair to pull it off.

  6. i lOVE dark walls and rooms, they are so cozy but moody and confident.. love it!


  7. Absolutely, definitely, yes. I would love black walls. I would paint my bedroom black, but it's right between the lounge light grey and the nursery (blue) and I think it will just be too much. Next house, maybe!

    Those are all gorgeous, a fantastic source of inspiration.

  8. Oh well. It's a Gorgeous Black!I'd Love seeing these all...looks moody and luxe!I think those bedrooms got the right rap! I mean its all rocks!love it!


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