Jun 18, 2010

HOME TOUR - Bohemian New York Chic Loft

PROPERTY TYPE - 2,000 sq ft loft apartment on the third floor of a converted garment factory
SPACE -  Large living area with an open-plan kitchen, plus a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and office
LOCATION  - Chinatown, New York
OWNER -Sibella Court,
Australian interiors stylist.

Story behind the home  - Arrived in New York 'by accident' with a now ex-boyfriend in 1999, but somehow she and the city clicked. Soon, she was the go-to girl for magazines and designer brands looking for a unique take on interiors style (including perfumer Jo Malone, for whom she creates window displays).

Finding her loft apartment was another happy accident. Sibella had been living in the Tribeca district for five years, but wanted a larger space. She reluctantly agreed to view this apartment on the second floor of an old garment factory, knowing it was more than she wanted to pay. 'But, oh gosh, that extra $1,000 made a difference of around 1,000 feet and I knew I had to have it,' she laughs.

Sibella has just developed a paint range and opened an interiors store named
The Society, back in Sydney. But it doesn't mean an end to her American dream. 'I fly to Australia more now, but I'm still mainly in the States. I think you make life work at your own pace, and wherever I am in the world, I definitely live on New York time.'


images from: Living Etc uk


  1. Love her story, love her loft! I love the settee w/ the Union Jack pillow ~ so cool. Have a great weekend, Anna! xo

  2. love all the pieces and how they fit together.

  3. great place!!! i wish you a lovely w.e. xx

  4. Her loft is amazing! I love lofts so much, and this is just my style, warm and eclectic, not cold and modern! So gorgeous, great post, Anna!

  5. Just wonderful. Where to look first. There is soooo much te see and get inspired by. Have a great weekend xox

  6. What a fab space the furniture is amazing!

  7. This is seriously my dream home! I love boho home decor. Unfortunately my husband does not, so we had to compromise with our own home.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Always a treat to see Sibella Court's home. Her sense of style and decor is so unique and speaks to me as a collector of many things. Her book is wonderful, a rare treasure and so full of texture. Each time I look at it, I find something new although I've read it cover to cover. Thanks for the tour.

  9. you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! THIS PLACE IS FANTASTIC!! I don't know if I can get the images out of my mind - or if I even want to. wow

  10. I love her story, what an exciting life she lives! That is such a cool loft!
    Have a pretty night,

  11. Love her sense of style - she has such a way of making things 'work' together x

  12. The pressed tin on the roof and the wall paper behind the bed are my fav things in this apt. Great style!!!
    Thanks for sharing Anna & I hope you're having a great weekend :)

  13. Yes please I'll move in - do you think she'd like a room mate? I'm in LOVE with that ceiling...... Hope you're having a fab weekend :)

  14. Thank you for your comment on my last post Anna, it melted my heart I must confess. It definitely made my evening!

    ps. these pictures are insanely inspirational!

  15. Oh my! What else can I say, that apartment is simply amazing.
    Donna xx

  16. What an amazing place.... I could live very happily there, !!
    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my giveaway post, Anna, and for putting it in your giveaway section. You are really kind and such a loyal blogging friend.
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  17. Totally dying for this. I think I just fell in love.



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