May 10, 2010


I have to share with you a  devastating moment...which I experienced the other night...whilst I was preparing to do the scheduled monthly colouring of the hair.....yes...the devastating moment my lovelies was finding MORE of these.. MANY MORE....I nearly died...and couldn't wait to dye!! (  This isn't my scalp by the

How did this happen so suddenly? or did I not ever really take much notice because I was always quick with the old bottle of dye and gloves before these shiny grey strands of hair had a chance to truly emerge?
 I had accepted the few that I found a while back....but since when did they decide to multiply? and what caused this?

Then it got me thinking? how? why? I'm only 37.....
After doing alot of research....yes..I researched...I was relieved to find out that the latest research showed..that going grey early in not due to stress...but is most definitely hereditary.

My first thoughts were..Phew.....and then...yikes!
Mum was completely grey by the time she was 40..I'm doomed!!

But then I remembered having a conversation about this with hubby many years ago...about going a young age..and he said..
"Mark my words..grey is going to come back into fashion again ..for men and women"
...and I think he is kinda right.

What about Ruby Rose at the Logies Recently?

I realise I have to embrace the greys Anna !
When I found the first lot of greys I thought I had??
 ( obviously I wouldn't be posting about it..tee hee hee)

So...just like my freckles...I have chosen to embrace the grey....and show you how Gorgeous the colour Grey can look at any age.
( P.S I was so happy to see that even Jennifer Lopez is having to deal with the greys

Early stages greying at the crown

Is grey the new Blonde?

These ladies put the Grey!

Who said Grey isn't adorable?

Images from: Flickr, Getty Images, Devianart


  1. took the words right of my mouth! I have been fighting greys for a while now (I am 40 next year!) and I have been wondering where to go with colour. I substitute teach at an all girl's school and I am amazed at how many girls are getting silvery tones put in their hair! Looks like you are right-grey is the new blonde!

    Best wishes,

  2. You would love stunning no matter what colour hair you had Anna with that gorgeous face of yours - no one but you will even notice those greys poking through :) When I read your hubby's comment, I immediately thought of Ruby Rose. I've heard that it's all to do with genetics too. What a cute little kitten!!! xx

  3. Oh, honey! I'm laughing (with you, not at you), I had a similar moment the other night. I saw a photo of myself and wondered where all these creases (dare I call them wrinkles) had come from. When did that happen?

    Grey can totally be the new blonde!Either way, you will still look gorgeous :)

  4. Hey I had an extra glass with you last night. I said to hubby, ok look Anna is toasting me, pour me another one. I had a splitting headache this morning... and have been coughing all day... that'll teach me for kicking my heels up and mixing wine with medication... oh well... only happens once! A-M xx

  5. Hi Anna. Being well past 40 I've had to embrace the grey for a while now. It's not all over yet but it's a nice silver grey colour so I try to get streaks to match it! Seems to be working out ok so far...who knew it would turn out to be fashionable...and having a supportive hairdresser helps heaps! It's hard to imagine you looking bad no matter what your hair colour!

  6. Hi Anna....Firstly, I understand this situation. I am almost 40....and I am seeing some greys coming through, along with some other weird coloured hairs...secondly...I received the most beautiful package from you today...I had no idea sorry, that I had won these beautiful earrings my love! They are so lovely, thanks so much. I will wear them with pride and think of your wonderful blog everytime I do. Thanks again Anna, hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day last Sunday....Simone xx

  7. Grey can certainly be adorable.
    Had to comment on your playlist too. It made me smile to open up this post and hear Bic Runga's 'Sway'. That's the song hubby and I danced to at our recent wedding. I know, the lyrics aren't quite appropriate though it has a sentimental meaning to us.

  8. One of the reasons why I'm blond...
    I think grey can be really beautiful!
    And I loved the little cat!!!Cute!

  9. Oh Anna, I am fighting those greys kicking and screaming all the way. You can show me all those great photos but I am still getting out that dye bottle. Problem is I have to do it so much more often now. My hairdresser tactfully suggested I think about embracing the grey, but stopped mid-sentence when he saw the glint in my eye. I suggested it be a subject he need never mention again. I'm not so sure about this aging process! xx

  10. Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Margaret Pomeroy... all very glamorous!

  11. So true Anna. One of my early posts was about this very topic and I said isn't it funny how we reach for the grey paint to makeover our brown furniture but reach for the brown hair-dye to cover our grey hair,lol, so ironic.
    Great post.

  12. tahnk got there is clour. mine started to turn grey when I was 18. it is a gene thing..

  13. All my gorgeous brunette friends and I have the same problem, it's so annoying!! Annoying that it shows up in our hair and not so easily in our blonde girlfriends' grrr! AND we're in our mid-20's eek!

    To dye or not to dye? I definitely reach for the bottle, lol! :-)

  14. i looove you & that post....tee hee how cool is grey- ruby did style hers with an arm full of *tats*- perhaps one step at a time!
    those ladies *make* you want to go grey gracefully....& you'll always be beautiful....i like your hubby's way of thinking...what a doll...

    m xx

    ps- gave you a little hug and a challenge on mine today...pop over x

  15. Isn't it nice we live in a world where we can choose to gray or not to gray!! Age is all relative at one point, you are still young enjoy it, embrace it. As you truly get older and when you get to the point there is NO doubt you are old you will have to grin and bear it with the rest of us. Always stay young in spirit!! Kathysue

  16. First of all Anna, it's lovely to meet you!
    I'm thrilled that you've posted about this very subject, because I'm of the thinking that colouring doesn't look great on an aging face anyways, am I right? I mean the wrinkles slowly set in..i'm only 35 so what do I really know of that yet, but i'm greying and I'm embracing it!
    my hubby said that he loves the natural highlights that time is giving me! and i'm thrilled!

    i think it's about time that women became real people again...not objects ... we earned all of our wisdom! right!!!!

    i'll follow you after posting this comment...and I invite you to come by and visit me at my blog too!

    ciao bella
    I'm at Creative Carmelina

  17. I have blond hair so no problem with greys yet. However, I'm quite looking forward to having grey hair. My hair is really really long and I want to have long grey hair when I'm an old lady just because it's a bit unusual. Most people either seem to die their hair or cut it short once it starts going grey.

  18. Some woman totally can rock this look. The good thing is that it is easier to hide a few grey hairs than it is to hide wrinkles. You are still a sweet young thing! xo

  19. I love those that can always look for a silver lining!
    I love silver foxes too!

  20. Funny! When I go my hair colored last month to my "natural" blond - My stylist coulkdn't believe how many grey hairs I had. It seems like it happened over night!

  21. I too have a few of these "natural highlights" as my hairdresser in Sydney used to call them and I went through the dye or not to dye scenario a few months ago as Mr FF said that he liked them. I am not sure that I do hence I am still covering them, albeit with an organic colour!

    Pleased to hear that I am not the only one with this problem :-)

    A bientot,


  22. It's a predicament, isn't it? I was looking in the mirror this morning and thinking I really must do somthing about my greys! I think my handful looks sily but I do like the look of stylish ladies such as Helen Mirren :)

  23. Love your positivity. My mom in-law doesn't dye hers + she rocks the most beautiful long, silver-gray hair. It's definitely doable!

  24. Anna, you are too funny!

    I'm hosting another giveaway, would love it if you could join :)

  25. these women definately leave me feeling grey is graceful. I think anything worn with confidence is beautiful. :)

  26. i don't know, in photos it seems to look good. but i find it is just simply 'aging' in real life. for now i've settled with low lights, i use the root dyes for 10 mins and don't do all my hair...just keeping them to a minimum at least.

  27. Oh sweetie that's too funny - I so remember saying to my hairdresser (ahem...quite a few years back) "gee I think there might be one or two grey hairs in there" and the look on his face was "ah huh whatever you wanna believe honey - they are rampant". Can't say I'm at the stage of embracing them while still in my 30's - but they can look stunning - so when the time comes..... Love the cute kitten :)

  28. I loved reading this post, as I can obviously relate. I just started blogging about my transition experience, and am always looking for the experiences of others.

    Thank you for sharing! I love the gorgeous photos too!!

    1. Hi Asa, glad you enjoyed the read and that it inspired you. was 2 years ago or more that I wrote it..and let me tell you...the grey/white hairs have come through fast and furious now...hitting the big 40 next year..perhaps I may be brave enough to embrace it...but not just yet ; )


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